ip nat pool


ip nat pool name [startIpAddress endIpAddress] {netmask networkMask | prefix-length length}

no ip nat pool name

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Creates an address pool from which the NAT router obtains an address when performing a dynamic translation. You can create address pools with either a single range or multiple, nonoverlapping ranges. The no version removes the NAT pool.

Note: The router will not allow you to remove a pool that has allocations outstanding. Before removing this type of pool, you must remove the dynamic translation, clear any outstanding translations, and then remove the pool.

Caution: Specifying a range in “single line” mode from the CLI replaces all other ranges. You cannot specify a range in this mode if any existing ranges are in use. To add additional ranges, issue this command to access IP NAT Pool Configuration mode.



Global Configuration

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