ip igmp access-group


ip igmp access-group accessListName

no ip igmp access-group

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Restricts hosts on this subnet to joining multicast groups on the specified IP access list. The no version removes the association with the specified access list and allows hosts on the subnet to join any multicast group.


  • When this feature is configured, the access list is queried whenever the router receives an IGMPv2 report requesting membership of a group, and IGMPv3 ChangeToInclude or IsExclude reports. The request is rejected if the access list query fails.
  • The ip igmp access-group command accepts standard or extended-format access lists. Because the extended format enables you to specify both the source address and the destination group address, the source address must be set to any. For example, access-list test permit ip host any.
  • Note that in the access list specified when you issue this command, the group is specified before the source.



Interface Configuration, Profile Configuration

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