ip dhcp-local unique-client-ids


[ no ] ip dhcp-local unique-client-ids

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 8.0.0.


Configures the method that DHCP local server uses when it receives a DHCP DISCOVER or REQUEST packet from a client ID or hardware address that matches the client ID or hardware address of a currently bound client on another subnet or subinterface.

Use this command to specify that DHCP local server uses a method that considers a request from a client with a duplicate client ID or hardware address to be from a roaming client—the server then terminates the currently bound client's existing lease and assigns a new address to the requesting client.

The no version restores the default behavior, in which DHCP local server uses the DHCP client's subnet or subinterface to differentiate between two clients that use the same client ID or hardware address—the DHCP server processes requests in the normal manner.

Note: This command replaces the ip dhcp-local inhibit-roaming command, which has been removed from the CLI.


Global Configuration

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