ike peer-identity domain-name


ike peer-identity domain-name domainName

no ike peer-identity ip address domain-name

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.3.0.


Enables this profile to accept logins from users that present a userFQDN or FQDN as an IKE identity type and the domain name portion of the IKE identity matches the domain name setting for this profile. An empty string (default) means that IKE identity types of userFQDN and FQDN are not allowed for logins on this profile. The IKE identity type of userFQDN also carries a domain name. Users presenting this identity must also pass any restrictions set for the peer domain name for this profile before they are able to log in. The no version removes the peer IKE identity.



IPsec Tunnel Profile Configuration

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