hello hold-time


hello hold-time seconds

no hello hold-time

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Configures the MPLS hold time, the period that a sending LSR maintains a record of link hello messages from the receiving LSR without receipt of another link hello from that LSR. Each LSR peer sends the hold time in its link hello messages; peers negotiate to use the minimum of the hold times proposed by all LSRs on the same subnet. The hold timer is restarted whenever the LSR receives a link hello from the adjacent peer. The timer expires if no link hello is received from the adjacent peer within the hold time. The LSR deletes the link hello adjacency when the timer expires. If all link hello adjacencies are deleted for an LDP session, then the LSR terminates the LDP session. The no version restores the default value, 15 seconds.



LDP Profile Configuration

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