atm vc-per-vp


atm vc-per-vp [ vcCount ]

no atm vc-per-vp

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Configures the number of virtual circuits per virtual path. This command controls the VPI and VCI range on the ATM interface. The allowable configuration range depends on the line module. The router will not execute the command if any virtual circuits are open on the interface. The no version restores the default.

Note: This command is not available for ATM interfaces on the E120 router and the E320 router because they support the entire VPI/VCI range.

The minimum number of VCs per VP is 4096 for OC3-4 modules and 1024 for T3 ATM modules. If you enter a value that is below the minimum, the router uses the minimum value.

VCs and VP tunnels must not exist when you issue this command. If they do, you must delete the VC and VP tunnel configuration before you issue this command.



Interface Configuration

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