address area


[ no ] address { ipAddress | unnumbered interfaceType interfaceSpecifier }
area { areaId | areaIdInt }

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Creates an interface on which OSPF runs in the specified area, on top of the IP interface at the specified IP address. Uses the default values. The no version deletes OSPF interfaces. If the OSPF network was previously specified with the network area command, the OSPF interface already exists, and you do not need to use this command, unless you want to change the area of the OSPF interface to an area different from the one specified by the network area command.

Note: Before you issue this command, you must first configure an interface with the IP address specified by ipAddress or an interface configured as unnumbered.

You must issue this command before issuing any other OSPF address command.



Router Configuration

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