Configuring the DHCP Relay Agent Option 82 Settings

You can configure the option 82 attribute for DHCP relay using the following set of tasks

Configuring Relay Agent Option 82 Information

You can specify the type the relay agent option 82 information that the router adds to DHCP packets before it relays the packets to the DHCP server. You can use one of the following keywords to add either the hostname or virtual router name to the front of the Circuit-Id field or to strip the subinterface ID from the Interface-Id field:

The hostname and vrname keywords are a toggle; that is, specifying either hostname or virtual router name turns off the other selection.

Preventing Option 82 Information from Being Stripped from Trusted Client Packets

You can configure DHCP relay or DHCP relay proxy to preserve option 82 information for trusted clients. This ensures that DHCP relay and DHCP relay proxy prevent option 82 information from being stripped off packets destined for a trusted client. A trusted client has a giaddr value of 0. If DHCP relay is configured not to remove option 82 and the giaddr field is 0, option 82 information remains in the packets.

Configuring Relay Agent Information Option (Option 82) Suboption Values

The JunosE Software provides two commands that you can use to configure DHCP relay agent information suboptions.

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