L2TP Dial-Out Terms

Table 82 describes key terms used in L2TP dial-out.

Table 82: L2TP Dial-Out Terms



Dial-out trigger

IP packet that initiates a dial-out session

Dial-out session

Control entity for a triggered IP flow used to manage the establishment of an associated L2TP session for dial-out

Dial-out target

A virtual router context and an IP address prefix, for which the arrival of an IP packet (a dial-out trigger) initiates a dial-out session.

Dial-out route

Contains the dial-out target, as well as a domain name and profile.

  • The domain name is used in the initial Access-Request message.
  • The profile is used to create the IP/Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) stack for the dial-out session.

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