Using Service Session Profiles to Deactivate Service Sessions

To terminate a subscriber service session when a threshold is reached, you create a service session profile that includes a time threshold, or a volume threshold, or both. Then, you attach the service session profile when you activate the service session. When the specified threshold is reached, the service session is terminated.

Note: This feature is not supported by the service-management owner-session command. The service-management owner-session command only supports service session profiles when activating service sessions.

The following procedure shows the commands you might use to create a time threshold for deactivating a service session. See Working with Service Session Profiles for information about using the time and volume keywords in service session profiles.

To create or modify a service session profile:

  1. Specify the name of the service session profile and configure the threshold:
    host1(config)#service-management service-session-profile vodISP1 host1(config-service-session-profile)#time 6000 host1(config-service-session-profile)#exit
  2. Include the service session profile when you activate the subscriber service session:
    host1(config)#service-management subscriber-session interface atm 4/0.1 service-session “video(4500000,” service-session-profile vodISP1

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