Service Interim Accounting for IPv4 and IPv6 Services in a Dual Stack Overview

You can query the external parent group statistics similar to the statistics retrieved for classifier lists. You must specify the correct external parent group name and its corresponding hierarchical policy parameter for each of the input, output, and secondary-input statistics. You can specify a list of external parent groups along with hierarchical policy parameter for which statistics must be collected and sent to Service Manager for display in the Acct-Stop and Interim-Acct messages. The statistics for packets arriving at an interface attached at the input stage and the statistics for packets arriving at an interface attached at the secondary input stage are added and displayed in the Input Bytes field of the show service-management command. The statistics for packets leaving an interface at which the hierarchical policy is defined are displayed in the Output Bytes field of the show service-management command. The external parent group statistics are not limited to combined IPv4 and IPv6 services in a dual stack. You can also obtain external parent group statistics for IPv4 and IPv6 services configured independently in a dual stack.

You can retrieve either external parent group statistics or classifier statistics from policy manager. However, you cannot retrieve both the statistics for a single service definition. When a combined service is configured, you cannot retrieve classifier list-based based statistics. In such a scenario, you can only retrieve external parent group-based statistics from policy manager.

Service interim accounting and accounting based on service deactivation are supported for IPv6 services. For the combined IPv4 and IPv6 service, the statistics are a sum of the values in the external parent group and hierarchical policy parameter pair lists (defined as input-stat-epg, secondary-input-stat-epg, and output-stat-epg in the service definition macro).

If an interface fails, service-related interim accounting does not calculate the packets that are transmitted through this failed interface. For statistics reporting, only those packets that exist for interfaces when the subscriber service session is deactivated are counted.

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