Service Manager Terms and Acronyms

Table 149 defines terms and acronyms that are used in this discussion of the Service Manager application.

Table 149: Service Manager Terms and Acronyms



Guided entrance

A service that creates a controlled Internet browsing environment by transparently directing the subscriber to a specific Web site. At the Web site, the subscriber is presented with a selection of available services. Also called walled gardens or captive portals.

Macro language

The JunosE macro language that you use for service definitions

Mutex service

A service session that is part of a mutex group—the service definition for the service includes the mutex-group attribute.

RADIUS login method

The method that uses RADIUS VSAs in the Access-Accept packet to create a subscriber session and activate a service session when the subscriber logs in


The method that uses RADIUS COA-Request messages and VSAs to create a subscriber session and activate a service session for a subscriber that is already logged in

Service definition

A macro file that defines a named parameterized description of a service; used to create a service instance and the resulting subscriber service session; can include a combination of parameters such as policy lists, rate-limit profiles, QoS profiles, and interface profiles

Service instance

An instance that is created when you specify parameter values for a service definition to create a service session

Service session

A session that is created when a service instance is activated for a subscriber; a subscriber can have multiple active service sessions

Service session profile

A provider-configured profile that applies optional attributes to a service session; CLI only

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