Configuring RADIUS-Initiated Change of Authorization

To configure the RADIUS dynamic-request change of authorization (COA) feature, perform the following steps to set up the RADIUS dynamic-request server that will perform the COA operation:

  1. Configure the RADIUS dynamic-request server, and enter RADIUS Configuration mode.
    host1(config)#radius dynamic-request server
  2. Enable the COA capability on the RADIUS dynamic-request server.
    host1(config-radius)#authorization change
  3. Define the key (secret) used in the RADIUS Authenticator field during exchanges between the RADIUS dynamic-request server and the RADIUS server.
    host1(config-radius)#key Secret21Clientkey
  4. (Optional) Specify the UDP port on which the router listens for messages from the RADIUS server. The default is 1700.
    host1(config-radius)#udp-port 1770

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