Configuring an AAA Per-Profile Attribute List

JunosE Software enables you to configure AAA-specific attributes for subscribers attached to a specific PPP profile. If a per-profile list is configured, then only the attributes specified in the per-profile list are processed. If the per-profile list is not configured, then the existing standard attributes are configured.

Note: The attributes supported by the per-profile list take precedence over the standard AAA attribute configuration. By default, the inclusion of all attributes is disabled in the per-profile list.

This feature enables you to configure the following AAA attributes:

In this example, AAA-specific attributes are configured for subscribers attached to a specific PPP profile. You can configure this as follows:

  1. Create an AAA per-profile attribute list, and configure the required AAA attributes in the list.
    host1(config)#aaa per-profile-attr-list abchost1 (config-perprofile-list)#action-type enablehost1 (config-perprofile-list)#attributes tunnel-ignore-nasport tunnel-ignore-nasport-type
  2. Create an AAA profile.
    host1(config)#aaa profile aaaprofile1
  3. Specify the AAA attribute list in the AAA profile.
    host1(config-aaa-profile)#aaa-perprofilelist-name abc
  4. Create a PPP profile.
    host1(config)#profile pppprofile1
  5. Attach the AAA profile name to the PPP profile.
    host1(config-profile)#ppp aaa-profile aaaprofile1
  6. To view the attributes configured in the AAA per-profile attribute list, issue the show aaa per-profile-attr-list command.
    host1#show aaa per-profile-attr-list abc
    Profile name: abc
    Attribute Name              Status
    –––––––––––––––            ––––––––
    tunnel-ignore-nasport       enabled
    tunnel-ignore-nasport-type  enabled

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