Overriding AAA Accounting NAS Information

AAA accounting packets normally include two RADIUS attributes—NAS-IP-Address [4] and NAS-Identifier [32]—of the virtual router that generates the accounting information. You can override the default configuration and specify that accounting packets from particular broadcast virtual routers instead include the NAS-IP-Address and NAS-Identifier attributes of the authenticating virtual router.

To override the normal AAA accounting NAS information, access the correct virtual router context, and use the radius override nas-info command. For example:

host1(config)#virtual-router vrXyz1 host1:vrXyz1(config)#radius override nas-info host1:vrXyz1(config)#virtual-router vrXyz2 host1:vrXyz2(config)#radius override nas-info host1:vrXyz3(config)#exit host1(config)#

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