Configuring AAA Broadcast Accounting

To configure and enable broadcast accounting on a virtual router:

  1. Create the virtual router group and enter VR Group Configuration mode:
    host1(config)#aaa accounting vr-group groupXyzCompany host1(vr-group-config)#
  2. Add up to four virtual routers to the group. The accounting information will be sent to all virtual routers in the group.
    host1(vr-group-config)#aaa virtual-router 1 vrXyz1 host1(vr-group-config)#aaa virtual-router 2 vrXyz2 host1(vr-group-config)#aaa virtual-router 3 vrXyz3 host1(vr-group-config)#exit host1(config)#
  3. Enable broadcast accounting. Enter the correct virtual router context, and specify the virtual router group whose virtual routers will receive the accounting information.
    host1(config)#virtual-router opVr100 host1:opVr100(config)#aaa accounting broadcast groupXyzCompany

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