SRC Client Configuration Overview

The JunosE Software has an embedded client that interacts with the Juniper Networks Session and Resource Control (SRC) software, enabling the SRC software to manage the router’s policy and QoS configuration.

The connection between the router and the SRC software uses the Common Open Policy Service (COPS) protocol and is fully compliant with the COPS usage for policy provisioning (COPS-PR) specification. The router’s SRC client functions as the COPS client, or policy enforcement point (PEP). The SRC software functions as the COPS server, or policy decision point (PDP).

Rate limiters are aggregated for dual-stack subscribers (IPv4 and IPv6) managed by the SRC software, using external parent groups and hierarchical policy parameters. The external parent groups and policy parameters are pushed to lower interfaces from the SRC software through the Siemens Selection Switch or Service Selection Center client.

Note: You cannot override aggregation node values while attaching policies to the interface.

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