Name Server Addresses Configuration Overview

You can assign IP or IPv6 addresses for DNS and IP addresses for WINS name servers. During setup negotiations between the router and remote PC clients using PPP (Internet Protocol Control Protocol [IPCP] specifically), the remote client may request the DNS and WINS server IP addresses. If the IP addresses passed to the router by the remote PC client are different from the ones configured on your router, the router returns the values that you configured as the correct values to the remote PC client. This behavior is controlled by the ppp peer dns and ppp peer wins interface commands.

If a PPP client request contains address values of for the name servers, the router considers that the remote PC client is not configured and returns the configured values as the correct values to the remote PC client.

The DNS and WINS addresses are considered as part of the PPP user information. These addresses are provided to the PPP client as part of the IPCP negotiations between PPP peers. For details, see RFC 1877—PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol Extensions for Name Server Addresses (December 1995).

Note: All name server address parameters are defined in the context of a virtual router.

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