Single Name Specification for Users from a Domain Overview

Assigning a single username and a single password for all users associated with a domain provides better compatibility with some RADIUS servers. You can use this feature for domains that require the router to tunnel, but not terminate, PPP sessions.

When users request a PPP session, they specify usernames and passwords. During the negotiations for the PPP session, the router authenticates legitimate users.

Note: This feature works only for users authenticated by Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) and not by Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).

If you configure this feature, the router substitutes the specified username and password for all authenticated usernames and passwords associated with that domain.

There are two options for this feature. The router can:

To use a single username and a single password for all users from a domain:

  1. Access Domain Map Configuration mode using the aaa domain-map command.
  2. Specify the new username and password using the override-user command.

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