Monitoring Service Definitions


Display information about the service definitions configured on your router.


To display information for the particular service definition, specify the name of a service definition macro file, including the .mac extension:

host1#show service-management service-definition tiered.mac
tiered.mac - WED DEC 14 14:41:20 2005
 Installed: True
 Service: tiered(inputbw, outputbw)
 Reference Count: 0

To display summary information for all service definitions:

host1#show service-management service-definition brief
                       Service Definitions
 Filename             Service            Installed     Count
----------   -------------------------   ---------   ---------
video.mac    video(inputbw, outputbw)    True        0
tiered.mac   tiered(inputbw, outputbw)   True        0

 Filename           Timestamp
----------   ------------------------
video.mac    TUE NOV 15 15:22:00 2005
tiered.mac   WED DEC 14 14:41:20 2005


Table 176 lists the show service-management service-definition command output fields.

Table 176: show service-management service-definition Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Name of the service definition macro file


Name of the service, with the parameter specifications in parentheses


Status of definition:

  • True—installed
  • False—not installed

Reference Count

Number of times the service definition has been used to instantiate a unique service instance (which identifies the policy, QoS, and profile objects for a service). For example, if one service session—such as, tiered(40000,40000)—is activated by multiple subscribers, the reference count is 1. However, if one subscriber activates tiered(40000,40000) and another subscriber activates tiered(75000,75000)—the reference count is 2.


Day, date, and time the service definition was copied to NVS.

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