Monitoring Statistics for Connections to the HTTP Local Server


Display statistics about the connections to the HTTP local server.


To display statistics about HTTP local server with the baseline values subtracted:

host1#show ip http statistics delta
  Server enable count: 1
  Server disable count: 0
  Same host enforced: 0
  Access class denies: 0
  No resource failures: 0
  Http connections created: 2
  Http connections terminated: 2
  Http connections aged out: 1
  Urls successfully served: 0
  Malformed http requests: 0
  Urls not found: 0


Table 169 lists the show ip http statistics command output fields.

Table 169: show ip http statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Server enable count

Total number of enabled HTTP local servers

Server disable count

Total number of disabled HTTP local servers

Same host enforced

Number of connections dropped because the limit for connections from one IP address to the HTTP local server was exceeded

Access class denies

Number of connections dropped because of a problem with the standard IP access list that defines the hosts that can access the HTTP local server

No resource failures

Number of connections dropped because of system memory limitations

Http connections created

Total number of HTTP connections established

Http connections terminated

Total number of HTTP connections ended

Http connections aged out

Total number of HTTP connections that expired because they exceeded the maximum allowed connection time

Urls successfully served

Total number of Web pages displayed

Malformed http requests

Number of HTTP requests that failed because the format was incorrect

Urls not found

Number of Web pages not found

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