Monitoring Active IP Subscribers Created by Subscriber Management


Display information about active IP subscribers that were created by the JunosE Software’s subscriber management feature.


To display information about subscribers created by subscriber management:

host1# show ip-subscriber 2835349506
    Id         User Name      Ip Address    Router      Interface      
----------   --------------   -----------   -------   -------------
2835349506   default   ip192.168.0.1   
    Id         Login time
----------   ------------------------
2835349506   WED AUG 23 20:46:24 2006

host1# show ip-subscriber detail
                             Subscriber List
    Id         User Name      Ip Address    Router      Interface
----------   --------------   -----------   -------   -------------
2835349506   default   ip192.168.0.1
    Id              Login Time           Mac Address      Handle
----------   ------------------------   --------------   --------
2835349506   WED AUG 23 20:46:24 2006   3000.0001.9365   13631489
             Interface   Service
    Id        Profile    Profile        Option 82
----------   ---------   ---------   ----------------
2835349506   myProfile   profile22   FastEthernet 3/1


Table 146 lists the show ip-subscriber command output field.

Table 146: show ip-subscriber Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


ID of the subscriber

User Name

Username used to retrieve information from RADIUS for the subscriber interface

Ip Address

IP address of the subscriber interface

Virtual Router

Name of the virtual router on which the subscriber interface is configured


Name of subscriber interface; ip indicates that subscriber manager created this interface

Login Time

Day, date, and time that the subscriber logged in

Mac Address

MAC address of the subscriber

Profile Handle

AAA profile handle

Interface Profile

Interface profile name used to configure the subscriber interface

Service Profile

IP service profile name used by subscriber management to authorize and configure the subscriber interface with AAA

Option 82

DHCP relay agent information (option 82) circuit identifier that describes the physical interface location associated with the subscriber

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