Monitoring DHCPv6 Local Server Statistics


Display statistics for the DHCPv6 local server.


To display DHCPv6 local server statistics:

host1#show ipv6 dhcpv6-local statistics
DHCPv6 Local Server Statist
       Item           Count
-------------------   -----
memUsage                136
bindings                  1
solicit rx                1
request(accept) rx        1
request(renew) rx         0
decline rx                0
release rx                0
inform rx                 0
confirm rx                0
rebind rx                 0
reconfigure tx            0
advertise tx              1
successful reply tx       1
failed reply tx           0
unknown msgs              0
bad msgs                  0


Table 138 lists the show ipv6 dhcpv6-local statistics command output fields.

Table 138: show ipv6 dhcpv6-local statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Number of bytes of memory used by DHCPv6 local server


Number of leased IPv6 prefixes currently assigned

solicit rx

Number of DHCPv6 solicit messages received

request(accept) rx

Number of DHCPv6 request messages received

request(renew) rx

Number of DHCPv6 requests for renewal received

decline rx

Number of DHCPv6 decline messages received

release rx

Number of DHCPv6 release messages received

inform rx

Number of DHCPv6 information-request messages received

confirm rx

Number of DHCPv6 confirm messages received

rebind rx

Number of DHCPv6 rebind messages received

reconfigure tx

Number of DHCPv6 reconfigure messages transmitted

advertise tx

Number of DHCPv6 advertise messages transmitted

successful reply tx

Number of reply messages transmitted with success reply code

failed reply tx

Number of reply messages transmitted with reply codes other than success

unknown msgs

Unused field; always 0

bad msgs

Number of messages with errors received by the DHCPv6 local server

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