Monitoring DHCP Relay Configuration Information


Display DHCP relay configuration information and the IP addresses of the configured DHCP servers.


To display information about the DHCP relay configuration and the IP address of the DHCP servers.

host1#show dhcp relay
DHCP Relay Configuration
Mode: Proxy
  Restore Client Timeout: 72
  Send First Offer: off
Inhibit Access Route Creation: off
Assign Giaddr to Source IP: off
Layer 2 Unicast Replies: off
Giaddr Selects Interface: off
Broadcast Flag Replies: on 
Maximum client pps : 4096
Relay Agent Information Option (82):
  Override Giaddr: off
  Override Option: off
  Trust All Clients: off
  Preserve Option From Trusted Clients: off
Circuit-ID Sub-option (1): on
    select - hostname
    select - exclude-subinterface-id
  Remote-ID Sub-option (2): on
  Vendor-Specific Sub-option (9): on
    select - layer2-circuit-id
    select - user-packet-class
DHCP Server Addresses


Table 129 lists the show dhcp relay command output fields.

Table 129: show dhcp relay Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


DHCP relay mode; either Standard (DHCP relay mode) or Proxy (DHCP relay proxy mode)

Restore Client Timeout

(DHCP relay proxy mode only) number of hours

Send First Offer

On or off

Inhibit Access Route Creation

On or off

Assign Giaddr to Source IP

On or off

Layer 2 Unicast Replies

On or off

Giaddr Selects Interface

On or off

Broadcast Flag Replies

On or off

Maximum client pps

Maximum number of client packets processed per second

Override Giaddr

On or off

Override Option

On or off

Trust All Clients

On or off

Preserve Option From Trusted Clients

On or off

Circuit-ID Sub-option (1)

On or off; when on includes a list of selected suboptions

Remote-ID Sub-option (2)

On or off

Vendor-Specific Sub-option (9)

On or off; when on includes a list of selected suboptions

DHCP Server Addresses

IP addresses of configured DHCP servers

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