Monitoring DHCP Bindings (Displaying DHCP Bindings Based on Binding ID)


Display binding information for all DHCP clients.

Note: This command is deprecated and might be removed completely in a future release. The function provided by this command has been replaced by the show dhcp binding command.


To display DHCP binding information:

host1(config)#show ip dhcp-external binding-id
       Dhcp External Binding Ids       
Binding Id      Hardware       Giaddr    IpAddress
----------   --------------   --------   ---------
3053453316   7000.0001.9365


Table 117 lists the show ip dhcp-external binding-id command output fie

Table 117: show ip dhcp-external binding-id

Field Name

Field Description

Binding Id

DHCP client binding ID option value associated with the user


MAC address of the subscriber’s computer


Gateway IP address (giaddr) in the DHCP packet received from a client


IP address assigned to the client

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