Monitoring Status of Dial-out Sessions


Display the status of dial-out sessions.

This command displays aspects of the dial-out state machine and details about the dial-out routes themselves. This section presents sample output. The actual output on your router may differ significantly.


To display all sessions within the current virtual router context:

host1#show l2tp dial-out session
Session           Status
---------         ---------         connected          dormant

To display detailed information about a particular session, specify the trigger IP address for the session:

host1#show l2tp dial-out session
Operational status: dormant

To display aggregate counts for dial-out sessions in each of the possible operational and administrative states:

host1#show l2tp dial-out session summary

To display detailed configuration, state, and statistics:

host1#show l2tp dial-out session detail

To display information about the operational or administrative state:

host1#show l2tp dial-out session state connecting

To display dial-out information across all virtual routers

host1#show l2tp dial-out session allVirtualRouters

Note: The level of a user’s permission determines the use of the allVirtualRouters option. For example, if you have permission to view only the current virtual router, then that is all that is displayed when you enter a command.


Table 104 lists the show l2tp dial-out session command output fields.

Table 104: show l2tp dial-out session Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


IP address of the session


Current status of the session

Operational status

Current operational status of session

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