Overriding LNS Out-of-Resource Result Codes 4 and 5

When the number of L2TP sessions reaches the configured maximum value, the LNS sends an out-of-resource result code (4 or 5) in a CDN (Call-Disconnect-Notify) message to the LAC. This signals the LAC to fail over to another LNS that has the resources for more sessions.

Some third-party LAC implementations fail over only when they receive result code 2 sent in the CDN from the LNS. You can override result codes 4 and 5 with result code 2 on the LNS to enable such routers to fail over to another LNS. These codes have the following meanings:

The following sections describe how to override the result codes and how to display the current code values.

Overriding the Result Codes

You can override the out-of-resource result codes 4 and 5 by issuing the session-out-of-resource-result-code-override command on the LNS.


Displaying the Current Override Setting

You can view the current override setting for the LNS result codes in the L2TP destination profile.

ERX(config)#show l2tp destination profile boston
L2TP destination profile boston
  Destination address
    Transport ipUdp
    Virtual router default
    Peer address
  Destination profile current session count is 0
Host profile attributes
  Remote host is LAC
      Tunnel password is TunnelPass
      Local host name is LNS
      Local ip address is
      Disconnect-cause avp is enabled
      Tunnels are single-shot
      Override out-of-resource-result-code is enabled       
      Current session count is 0
1 L2TP host profile found

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