Managing Address Changes Received from Remote Endpoints

A remote endpoint can use the Start-Control-Connection-Reply (SCCRP) packets that it sends to the E Series LAC to change the address that the LAC uses to communicate with the endpoint. By default, the LAC accepts the change and uses the new address to communicate with the endpoint. However, you can configure the LAC to ignore or reject the requested change. Setting up the LAC to ignore address changes in SCCRP packets enables the router to construct tunnels with separate receive and transmit addresses and to avoid problems due to a misconfiguration. Three possible configurations are available:

The reject specification takes precedence over the ignore specification.

The router accepts a change in receive address only once, during the tunnel establishment phase, and only on an SCCRP packet. Subsequent changes result in the router dropping packets. Any changes do not affect established tunnels.

Use the show l2tp command to display the SCCRP address change configuration.

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