Monitoring TACACS+ Information


Display TACACS+ information.


To display TACACS+ information.

host1#show tacacs
Key = hippo
Timeout = <NOTSET>, built-in timeout of 5 will be used
Source-address = <NOTSET>
Retry-attempts = 3
  TACACS+ Configuration, (*) denotes inherited
             Tcp                                    Search
IP Address   Port   Timeout   Primary      Key      Order
----------   ----   -------   -------   ---------   ------   3049   5 (*)     y         hippo (*)   1   1049   5 (*)     n         hippo (*)   2

To display overall statistics:

host1#show tacacs statistics

To display statistics since they were baselined; deltas are not calculated for the pending statistics:

host1#show tacacs delta


Table 6 lists the show tacacs command output fields.

Table 6: show tacacs Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Authentication and encryption key


TACACS+ host response timeout in seconds


Alternative source IP address configured


Number of retry attempts that will be made to establish a TCP connection between a TACACS+ client and the TACACS+ server

TACACSPLUS Configuration

Table contains statistics for each host

IP Address

IP address of the host

TCP Port

TCP port of the host for each IP address


Timeout interval in seconds for each IP address


This IP address’s primary host; options: y = yes, n = no


Authentication and encryption key for this IP address

Search Order

The order in which requests are sent to hosts until a response is received

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