For BGP:

[ no ] network { networkNumber [ [ mask ] networkMask ] | ipv6Prefix | rtfPrefix }
[ route-map mapTag ] [ weight weight ] [ backdoor ]

For DHCP local server:

network networkAddress { networkMask | prefix }

no network [ force ]

For RIP:

[ no ] network networkAddress [ networkMask ]

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
rtMemNlri variable added in JunosE Release 9.0.0.
rtMemNlri variable replaced by rtfPrefix variable in JunosE Release 9.1.0.


For BGP, does one of the following:

For DHCP local server, specifies IP addresses that the DHCP local server can provide from an address pool. The no version removes the network address and mask.

For RIP, enables RIP on a specific network (not on a range of networks). If you do not associate a network with RIP, the router cannot advertise the network in any RIP update. The no version disables RIP on a specific network. If you do not specify a network mask, the router applies the natural mask. Use the ip rip commands to configure RIP attributes on the network.



Address Family Configuration (BGP, RIP), DHCP Local Pool Configuration (for DHCP local server), Router Configuration (BGP, RIP)

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