Monitoring the Configuration of the HTTP Local Server


Display information about the configuration of the HTTP local server.


To display information about the HTTP local server:

host1#show ip http server
  Admin status: enabled
  Access class: not defined
  Listening port: 80
  Same host limit: 3
  Protocol: IPv6


Table 22 lists the show ip http server command output fields.

Table 22: show ip http server Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Admin status

Status of the HTTP local server in the software: enabled or disabled.

Enabled implies that the HTTP local server can listen for IPv4 , IPv6, or both IPv4 and IPv6 exception packets.

Access class

Name of a standard IP access list that determines which hosts can log on to the HTTP local server

Listening port

Port that the HTTP local server uses to track requests for connection

Same host limit

Maximum number of connections allowed between one IP address and the HTTP local server


Protocols that the HTTP local server is listening for: IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4 and IPv6.

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