Maximum Number of IPv6 Prefixes Assigned to Clients by Using Only the DHCPv6 Local Server

You can delegate IPv6 prefixes to subscribers by using two mechanisms: ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery Router Advertisements (NDRA) and DHCPv6 prefix delegation (PD). When the router receives the ICMPv6 router solicitation message, the DHCPv6 Solicit message, or both the messages based on the prefix advertisement mechanism, a prefix is assigned to the requesting router, which is the customer premises equipment (CPE) acting as the DHCP client at the edge of the remote client site. Consider a scenario in which the CPE device uses the PD feature alone to obtain IPv6 prefixes from the delegating router, which is the DHCPv6 local server. Also, assume that IPv6 Neighbor Discovery is not configured for allocation of prefixes to the client. In such an environment, each IPv6 subscriber uses only a single route entry and the maximum number of subscribers to which IPv6 prefixes can be delegated from the DHCPv6 local server is 64,000.

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