RADIUS Attributes in Preauthentication Request

Table 4 describes the RADIUS IETF attributes that are always included in a preauthentication request to obtain the LLID. The attributes are listed in ascending order by standard number.

Table 4: RADIUS IETF Attributes in Preauthentication Request

Attribute Number

Attribute Name




Name of the user associated with the LLID, in the format:


For example, nas-port: 4/1.104:2.104



Password of the user to be authenticated; always set to “ juniper”



IP address of the network access server (NAS) that is requesting authentication of the user; for example,



Physical port number of the NAS that is authenticating the user; this is always interpreted as a bit field



Type of service the user has requested or the type of service to be provided; for example, framed



Type of physical port the NAS is using to authenticate the user



Actual user name; for example, jdoe@xyzcorp.east.com



Text string that identifies the physical interface of the NAS that is authenticating the user; for example, atm 4/1.104:2.104

The use of radius commands such as radius calling-station-format or radius override calling-station-id to control or change the inclusion of these attributes in the preauthentication request has no effect.

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