SNMP Traps and System Log Messages Overview

The router can send Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps to alert network managers when:

The router also generates system log messages when RADIUS servers fail to respond or when they return to active service; no configuration is required for system log messages.

The following sections describe SNMP Traps and system log messages:

SNMP Traps

The router generates SNMP traps and system log messages as follows:

If the E Series RADIUS client receives a RADIUS response from a “dead” RADIUS server during the deadtime period, the RADIUS server is restored to active status.

If the router receives a valid RADIUS response to an outstanding RADIUS request, the E Series client issues a system log message and, if configured, an SNMP trap indicating that the RADIUS server is now available.

System Log Messages

You do not need to configure system log messages. The router automatically sends them when individual servers do not respond to RADIUS requests and when all servers on a VR fail to respond to requests. The following are the formats of the warning level system log messages:

RADIUS [ authentication | accounting ] server serverAddress unavailable in VR virtualRouterName [; trying nextServerAddress]RADIUS no [ authentication | accounting ] servers responding in VR virtualRouterName RADIUS [ authentication | accounting ] server serverAddress available in VR virtualRouterName

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