Monitoring SRC Client Connection Statistics


Display statistics about connection between the SRC client and SAE. The command output refers to the SRC client by its former name, SSC client.


To display statistics for the SRC client connection:

host1#show sscc statistics
SSC Client Statistics:
        Policy Commands received   0
        Policy Commands(List)      0
        Policy Commands(Acct)      0
        Bad Policy Cmds received   0
        Error Policy Cmds received 0
        Policy Reports sent        3
        Connection attempts        7
        Connection Open requests   7
        Connection Open completed  0
        Connection Closed sent     0
        Connection Closed remotely 5
        Create Interfaces sent     0
        Delete Interfaces sent     3
        Active IP Interfaces       3282
        IP Interface Transitions   3281
        Synchronizes received      0
        Synchronizes rcvd & dropped 0
        Synchronize Complete sent  2
        Internal Errors            0
        Communication Errors       0
        Discovers Seen             15263
        Active Discovers           4911
        Discover Transitions       20704
        Discover Creates Sent      15263
        Discover Deletes Sent      10352
        Active Addresses           3274
        Address Transitions        3280
        Create Addresses Sent      3277
        Delete Addresses Sent      3


Table 28 lists the show sscc statistics command output fields.

Table 29: show sscc statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Policy Commands received

Number of policy commands received on the SRC client connection

Policy Commands(List)

Number of Policy Commands with subtype List

Policy Commands(Acct)

Number of Policy Commands with subtype Accounting

Bad Policy Cmds received

Number of Policy Commands received with bad policies

Error Policy Cmds received

Number of Policy Commands received with errors

Policy Reports sent

Number of Policy Reports sent

Connection Open requests

Number of connections the SRC client has tried to open with a remote SAE

Connection Open completed

Number of connections successfully open to the SAE

Connection Closed sent

Number of connections the SRC client has closed

Connection Closed remotely

Number of connections that were closed by the remote SAE

Create Interfaces sent

Number of create interface indications sent to the SAE

Delete Interfaces sent

Number of delete interface indications sent to the SAE

Active IP Interfaces

Current number of active IP interfaces the SRC client is aware of

IP Interface Transitions

Number of IP interface transitions logged by the SRC client

Synchronizes received

Number of synchronization requests the SRC client received from the SAE

Synchronize Complete sent

Number of synchronization complete indications sent

Internal Errors

Number of internal errors

Communication Errors

Number of errors with lower-layer communications (such as socket errors)

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