Monitoring the Routing Table


Display the current state of the routing table, including routes not used for forwarding. An Access-P entry in the Type column of the output indicates routes that are downloaded by the RADIUS route-download server.


To display information in the routing table:

host1#show ip route
Protocol/Route type codes:
  I1- ISIS level 1, I2- ISIS level2,
  I- route type intra, IA- route type inter, E- route type external,
  i- metric type internal, e- metric type external,
  P- periodic download, O- OSPF, E1- external type 1, E2- external type2,
  N1- NSSA external type1, N2- NSSA external type2
  L- MPLS label, V- VRF, *- via indirect next-hop
Prefix/Length      Type       Next Hop      Dst/Met          Interface
------------------ --------- --------------- ---------- -----------------          Static      1/0        FastEthernet6/0/0    Connect    0/0        FastEthernet6/0/0   Access-P 254/2      null0   Access-P 254/2      null0   Access-P 254/2      null0   Access-P 254/2      null0 


Refer to the description of the show ip route command in JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide for additional information about the show ip route command.

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