Monitoring Virtual Router Groups Configured for AAA Broadcast Accounting


Display the virtual router groups that are configured for AAA broadcast accounting.

For additional information about the show configuration command, see JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide.


To display the virtual router groups that are configured for AAA broadcast accounting:

host1#show configuration category aaa global-attributes 
! Configuration script being generated on MON JAN 10 2005 15:19:19 UTC 
! Juniper Edge Routing Switch ERX1440 
! Version: 9.9.9 development-4.0 (January 7, 2005  17:26) 
! Copyright (c) 1999-2004 Juniper Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.  
! Commands displayed are limited to those available at privilege level 15  
! NOTE:  This script represents only a subset of the full system configuration. 
! The category displayed is: aaa global-attributes 
aaa accounting vr-group groupXyzCompany10
 aaa virtual-router 1 vrXyzA
 aaa virtual-router 2 vrXyzB
 aaa virtual-router 3 vrXyzC
 aaa virtual-router 4 vrXyzD
aaa accounting vr-group groupXyzCompany20
 aaa virtual-router 1 vrXyzP
 aaa virtual-router 2 vrXyzQ
 aaa virtual-router 3 vrXyzR
 aaa virtual-router 4 vrXyzS
hostname "host1"


Table 24 lists the show configuration category aaa global-attributes command output fields.

Table 24: show configuration category aaa global-attributes Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

aaa accounting vr-group

Name of virtual router groups

aaa virtual-router

Name and index number of the virtual routers that are members of the virtual router group

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