DSL Forum VSAs in AAA Access and Accounting Messages Overview

JunosE Software supports the inclusion of a set of DSL Forum vendor-specific attributes (VSAs) in the following AAA access and accounting messages:

The DSL Forum VSAs convey information about the subscriber associated with the digital subscriber line (DSL) and the data rate of the DSL. When you use radius include dsl-forum-attributes command to enable inclusion of the DSL Forum VSAs in these AAA messages, the router includes all of the attributes listed in DSL Forum VSAs Supported for AAA Access and Accounting Messages in the specified message, provided that the VSA is available in the information that the router receives from the digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM).

Note: JunosE Software also supports several Juniper Networks VSAs that you can use to include DSL-related information. See Juniper Networks VSAs.

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