RADIUS Relay Server and the SRC Software

The SRC software is an advanced subscriber configuration and management service. The RADIUS relay server can optionally use the SRC software to perform addressing and accounting services for the subscriber and WAP.

The RADIUS relay server uses the E Series router’s DHCP local server or DHCP external server and SRC client process to communicate with the SRC software.

Using the SRC Software for Addressing

If you integrate the SAE software into the RADIUS relay server configuration, the application can contribute to the address pool selection used to lease an address to the subscriber. The SRC software only contributes to address pool selection when the DHCP local server is used; it is not supported when a DHCP external server is used.

Using the SRC Software for Accounting

If you use the SRC software with the RADIUS relay server feature, two accounting domains might actually be created. The first domain is established by the WAP, when the subscriber is authenticated. The second domain is created for the connection between the E Series router and the SRC software.

If you want to continue to use the SRC software’s user session and problem-tracking features, you should not configure the SRC software to generate RADIUS accounting records. Also, the following attributes must be configured on the RADIUS server used by the WAP:

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