To assign a RADIUS key:

key secret

no key

To assign a RADIUS relay key:

key ipAddress ipMask relaySecret

no key ipAddress ipMask

To assign an ISAKMP/IKE key:

key keyString

no key

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


From RADIUS Configuration mode, specifies the secret for the RADIUS authentication, accounting, dynamic-request server, or preauthentication server that is used to calculate the RADIUS authenticator field during exchanges with the RADIUS server. The no version removes the secret and causes the router to drop all requests for the RADIUS client.

From RADIUS Relay Configuration mode, specifies the IP address and mask of the network that will use the relay authentication or accounting server, and the secret used during exchanges between the RADIUS relay server and client. The no version removes the secret.

From IPsec Manual Key Configuration mode, configures a manual ISAKMP/IKE preshared key. There is no no version. To delete a key, use the no version of the ipsec key manual command.



IPsec Manual Key Configuration, RADIUS Configuration, RADIUS Relay Configuration

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