l2tp ignore-receive-data-sequencing


[ no ] l2tp ignore-receive-data-sequencing

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Suppresses sequence number checking for data packets received on all L2TP tunnels in the router. This setting affects only packets received on a tunnel, not packets sent on a tunnel. The L2TP LAC still inserts sequence numbers into data packets if the LAC receives packets from the LNS that contain sequence numbers. The no version restores the default, which causes the router to check the sequence numbers in data packets that it receives on L2TP tunnels.

Note: If you are using IP reassembly, we recommend that you set up the router to ignore sequence numbers in received data packets. Because IP reassembly may reorder L2TP packets, out-of-order packets may be dropped if sequence numbers are being used on L2TP data packets.


Global Configuration

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