Viewing and Deleting DHCP Client Bindings

The JunosE Software provides commands that enable you to manage your router’s DHCP external server, DHCP local server, and DHCP relay proxy client bindings. A client binding associates an IP address with a DHCP client, and describes both the client (for example, hardware address and state) and the IP address (for example, subnet and lease time).

The following commands enable you to view information about current DHCP client bindings:

To delete a connected user's IP address lease and the associated route configuration when the DHCP client binding is no longer needed, use the dhcp delete-binding command. When you delete a DHCP client binding, the lease is removed on the router. You might delete client bindings to:

The router does not notify the DHCP client or the DHCP server when you issue the dhcp delete-binding command.

Note: The dhcp delete-binding command replaces the clear ip dhcp-local binding and dhcp-external delete-binding commands, which are deprecated and might be removed in a future release.

Use the following keywords and variables with the dhcp delete-binding command to specify (filter) the client bindings you want to delete:

Filtering the deletion of DHCP client bindings by the circuit ID string or remote ID string is not supported for the DHCP external server application. DHCP external server does not store information about the agent-circuit-id suboption or agent-remote-id suboption of option 82.

You can remove all DHCP client bindings, all DHCP client bindings of a particular type, or a specified DHCP client binding that meets the deletion criteria you specify.

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