Configuring the DHCP Access Model

The E Series router provides a DHCP access model, which enables you to integrate the router into an existing RADIUS-based operation support system (OSS). In the DHCP access model, a DHCP local server or DHCP external service is configured, but the E Series router does not have direct interaction with an OSS or a policy server, such as the Session and Resource Control (SRC) software. The router passes the client’s DHCP options, client’s media access control (MAC) address and, if appropriate, the DHCP relay’s IP address in RADIUS requests for authentication.

To configure the DHCP access model to pass the client’s information in RADIUS requests, you enable the DHCP options feature, then specify the client information to be passed to RADIUS. You can specify that the client’s MAC address be included in the request. You can also specify that the DHCP relay’s IP address be sent, if appropriate. For descriptions of the RADIUS attributes used with the DHCP access model, see Juniper Networks VSAs Supported for Subscriber AAA Access Messages and Juniper Networks VSAs Supported for Subscriber AAA Accounting Messages.