Table of Contents

About the Documentation
E Series and JunosE Documentation and Release Notes
E Series and JunosE Text and Syntax Conventions
Obtaining Documentation
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Understanding DHCP Processes
DHCP Overview Information
Session and Resource Control Software
DHCP Platform Considerations
DHCP References
DHCP Client Bindings and Duplicate MAC Addresses for Subinterfaces Overview
DHCP Access Model for RADIUS Requests
Configuring the DHCP Access Model
Workflow of DHCP Proxy Client Processes
Configuring DHCP Proxy Clients
Configuring DHCP Packet Logging Settings
Logging DHCP Packet Information
Working with DHCP Client Bindings
Viewing and Deleting DHCP Client Bindings
Configuration Commands
ip address-pool
ip dhcp-server
ip dhcp-capture
dhcp delete-binding
Configuring Baselines for DHCP Statistics
Setting Baselines for DHCP Statistics
Setting a Baseline for DHCP Relay and Relay Proxy
Setting a Baseline for DHCP Proxy Server Statistics
Setting a Baseline for DHCP External Server Statistics
Setting a Baseline for DHCP Local Server Statistics
Viewing IP Addresses Excluded from Delegation
Monitoring Addresses Excluded from DHCP Local Server Use
Displaying DHCP Bindings
Monitoring DHCP Bindings
Monitoring DHCP Binding Information
Monitoring DHCP Binding Host Information
Monitoring DHCP Binding Count Information
Monitoring DHCP Bindings (Displaying DHCP Bindings Based on Binding ID)
Monitoring DHCP Bindings (Displaying IP Address-to-MAC Address Bindings)
Monitoring DHCP Bindings (Local Server Binding Information)
Monitoring DHCP Services
Monitoring Status of DHCP Applications
Monitoring DHCP Proxy Client Bindings
Monitoring DHCP Proxy Client Bindings
Monitoring DHCP Packet Logging
Monitoring DHCP Packet Capture Settings
Monitoring Commands
show dhcp binding
show dhcp count
show dhcp host
show dhcp proxy-client binding
show dhcp summary
show ip dhcp-capture
show ip dhcp-external binding
show ip dhcp-external binding-id
show ip dhcp-local binding