ipv6 dhcpv6-local duid-type


ipv6 dhcpv6-local duid-type duidType

no ipv6 dhcpv6-local duid-type

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 12.2.0.


Specifies the DHCP unique identifier (DUID) type that the DHCPv6 local server running on the router uses in communication with the DHCPv6 client and for verifying the identity of the client. Both the server and the client are identified by a DUID. By default, the DHCPv6 local server uses the Type 2 server DUID in the communication between the delegating router and the requesting router, which is the customer premises equipment (CPE) at the edge of the remote client site that acts as the DHCP client. The no version removes the configured DUID type and the router reverts to the default Type 2 DUID for the client to identify the server.



Global Configuration

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