Monitoring DHCP Local Server Authentication Information


Display the DHCP local server’s AAA authentication configuration information and statistics.


To display DHCP local server AAA authentication configuration:

host1#show ip dhcp-local auth config
DHCP Local Server Authentication Configuration
User-Prefix          : ERX4-Boston
Domain               :
Password             : to4TooL8
Virtual Router       : included
Circuit Type         : included
Circuit ID           : included
MAC Address          : excluded
Option 82            : excluded

DHCP Local Server DHCP Options Configuration
RADIUS DHCP Options	: excluded

To display DHCP local server AAA authentication statistics:

host1#show ip dhcp-local auth statistics
DHCP Local Server Authentication Statistics
       Item                     Count
-----------------------       ----------
auth requests                 10
auth request failures         0
auth grants                   9
auth denies                   1


Table 7 lists the show ip dhcp-local auth command output fields.

Table 7: show ip dhcp-local auth Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Client’s user prefix


Client’s domain


Password used to authenticate client

Virtual Router

Client’s virtual router; excluded or included

Circuit Type

Client’s circuit type; excluded or included

Circuit ID

Client’s circuit ID; excluded or included

MAC Address

Client’s MAC address; excluded or included

Option 82

Status of client’s option 82 field; excluded or included


Status of the DHCP options returned from the RADIUS server; excluded or included

auth requests

Number of authorization requests received by this DHCP local server

auth request failures

Number of authorization requests that have failed

auth grants

Number of authorization requests that have been granted

auth denies

Number of authorization requests that have been denied

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