Monitoring DHCP External Server Duplicate MAC Address Setting


Display global configuration information for the DHCP external server application. Currently, this command displays the status of the method that DHCP external server uses to uniquely identify DHCP clients with duplicate MAC addresses.


To display the duplicate MAC address setting for DHCP external server:

host1#show dhcp-external
Duplicate MAC Address: Enabled


Table 4 lists the show dhcp-external command output fields.

Table 4: show dhcp-external Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Duplicate MAC Address

Status of the identification method for DHCP clients with duplicate MAC addresses:

  • Enabled—DHCP external server uses a combination of the MAC address and giaddr to uniquely identify DHCP clients.
  • Disabled—(Default) DHCP external server uses only the MAC address to uniquely identify DHCP clients.

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