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    IPv4 Multicast Routing on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    IPv4 multicast enables a device to send packets to a group of hosts rather than to a list of individual hosts.

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    How Switch Fabric Bandwidth Weighting Ratio Works

    Switch Fabric Bandwidth Configuration

    Understanding the IPv4 Multicast QoS Adjustment

    Multicast OIF Mapping Case

    Multicast Traffic Receipt Without Forwarding

    Understanding Interface-Level and Port-Level Multicast Admission Control

    OIF Interface Reevaluation

    Dynamic Port Admission Bandwidth Control

    OIF Port Reevaluation

    Router Acting as a Multicast Router Information Server

    Multicast Router Information Support

    Understanding BGP Multicasting

    BGP Multicasting

    Prerequisite for Configuring IPv4 Multicast

    Before You Begin Configuring IPv4 Multicast

    Enabling the IPv4 Multicasting Support

    Enabling IP Multicast

    Configuration Task for Multicast Bandwidth Map

    Defining a Multicast Bandwidth Map

    Configuration Task for IPv4 Multicast QoS Adjustment

    Activating Multicast QoS Adjustment Functions

    Configuration Tasks for Interface-Level Multicast Admission Control

    Blocking Mroutes

    Enabling Interface Admission Bandwidth Limitation

    Configuration Tasks for Port-Level Multicast Admission Control

    Creating Mroute Port Limits

    Enabling Port-Level Admission Bandwidth Control