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    Remote Access Services on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Broadband Remote Access Server (B-RAS) is an application on an E Series router that aggregates the output from digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) and routes traffic into an Internet service provider’s (ISP’s) backbone network. It also performs authentication, authorization, and accounting functions for subscriber sessions. You can also collect accounting information and statistics for subscriber service sessions.

    This page provides information about the JunosE Software features that you can use to manage subscribers using the B-RAS application on E Series routers:

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Route Download Servers for IPv4 and IPv6 Routes

    RADIUS Route-Download Server for Route Distribution Overview

    Configuring B-RAS Services

    Remote Access Configuration Tasks

    Enabling the B-RAS Application

    Configuring a B-RAS License

    Configuration Task for Route-Download Servers for IPv4 and IPv6

    Configuring the Route-Download Server to Download Routes

    Verifying Settings for Detection of Duplicate Prefixes

    Monitoring Routing Table Address Lookup

    Monitoring the Routing Table

    Verifying Active Subscriber Session Details

    Monitoring Subscriber Information

    Investigating Causes for Termination of User Sessions

    Monitoring Application Terminate Reason Mappings

    SNMP Traps and System Logs for Authentication Failures

    SNMP Traps and System Log Messages Overview

    Configuring SNMP Traps

    Configuring SNMP Traps

    Troubleshooting RADIUS Preauthentication Failure

    Troubleshooting Subscriber Preauthentication

    Knowledge Base

    AAA route-download password does not display when the configuration is viewed

    AAA route download fails when the target is an lm10u

    Load Errors continuously increment for route table distributions on the Access Line Card

    Communication between DHCP Local Server and SSCC is broken

    SSCC doesn't send accounting message immediately prior to DRQ

    SSCC configuration on ERX for SRC to manage DHCP subscribers

    SSCC connection fails after an SRP switch with High Availability active

    SSCC client does not report DHCP external event when it is restarted

    SDX will not accept new cops connection after shutdown of sscc on ERX

    SSCC policies do not get cleaned up when an underlying interface is removed

    Differences between SRC accounting and ERX AAA accounting

    AAA UserProfile causes memory leak on standby SRP.

    How to verify the operation of AAA Duplicate Accounting

    AAA is using the method list for address allocation from the wrong VR context

    "AAA duplicate address check" might miss/can't check duplicate addresses in some circumstances.

    The ERX doesn't return an error when you try to delete a non-existent AAA Profile

    Addresses are not freed up from a Local Pool if ip-hint is enabled in the domain map

    aaa domain-map auth-router-name will ignore RADIUS VSA(s) when defined with a virtual-router other than default

    Configuring ERX and Windows XP for L2TP over IPSec

    Clarification of the local IP pool trap threshold.

    Understanding RADIUS Accounting Statistics

    Users cannot log in when reference to address pool source is incorrect

    Behavior of ERX RADIUS Client when more than 256 authentication requests are outstanding

    ERX local IP address pool maximums

    "show subscriber summary" count includes L2TP sessions.

    SAE: COPS fail due to Router `router-london' not unique

    [SRC] Improper SAE shutdown can cause SAE to not establish a COPS session

    [SRC] Changing the hostname of E-series causes COPS flapping and exhausted SRC memory

    Packet Loss on ipv6 interface when neighbor discovery is enabled

    Hashing algorithm for ipv6 neighbor discovery table causes poor performance while throughput testing with incremental addresses

    dhcpv6 local server fails to perform ipv6 prefix delegation for a dual-stacked client after the client abnormally disconnects without sending dhcpv6 Release.

    Sample configuration to setup ERX as dhcpv6 Local Server