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    RADIUS Server and Attributes on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a distributed client/server that protects networks against unauthorized access. RADIUS clients running on E Series routers send authentication requests to a central RADIUS server. This page provides information regarding the RADIUS attributes that JunosE Software supports and the RADIUS attributes you can configure with the CLI.

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Configuration Tasks for RADIUS Servers

    Configuring RADIUS AAA Servers

    Knowledge Base

    A way to add local RADIUS Attributes to the SRC

    The ERX can't interpret some Radius attributes for more than one tunnel

    Framed-route RADIUS attributes don't get installed for IPSEC dynamic interface columns

    Policies created using Ascend Data-Filter Radius Attributes are limited to 12. When attempting to apply more then 12, only the first 12 policies are defined on the interface.

    Metric value in the RADIUS framed route attribute is ignored by the ERX

    The limit for the value of the Tunnel-Assignment-Id RADIUS attribute can be too short depending on the configuration used

    ERX doesn't send multiple instances of RADIUS Class attribute to Accounting Server.

    Radius does not record the correct value for the radius vsa attribute, "service-bundle"

    ERX will ignore the RADIUS attribute Unisphere-PppoE-Url when "ip local pool" is used

    The 'test aaa' command does not decode radius attribute tunnel-calling-number

    Attributes excluded from RADIUS Interim-Accounting/Accounting-Stop messages for non-established PPP sessions.

    Understanding RADIUS Accounting Statistics

    RADIUS Accounting Stop does not include IPCP packets.

    Policy name in radius accounting not changed

    L2TP/PPP RADIUS Accounting byte/packet values

    RADIUS Accounting statistics are not reported for Service Manager subscriber sessions

    Missing interim radius accounting records for a service activated by CoA

    Wrong shaping values reported for connect-info in Radius accounting records

    SSC's RADIUS accounting messages are missing timestamp and IP address of the user

    RADIUS Accounting records for DHCP local subscribers contain incorrect packet and byte counts

    Radius Accounting Stop Generated with Incorrect Terminate-Cause and Zero Session Throughput

    ERX implementaton of RADIUS Accounting Attribute 49 - Acct-Terminate-Cause

    Client "Framed-Ip-Address" not being provided via a Radius Access Request Message

    The ERX does not send the NAS-Port attribute in the RADIUS Access-Request message for DHCP authentication.

    Radius VR access not working right

    Dynamic Subscriber Interface (DSI) gets created in the ERX despite of an Access-Reject from the RADIUS

    RADIUS Accounting-Start messages aren't being sent when using a non-PPP equal access

    E-series router incorrectly sends a RADIUS Accounting-Stop after an Access-Reject. The CLI command 'aaa accounting acct-stop on-access-deny' has no effect.

    ERX is not processing RADIUS packets and loosing ANCP sessions under heavy load

    GE VLAN IDs missing from RADIUS accounting records for DHCP subscribers